Clinton Foundation Accepted MILLIONS From Russia! Lock Her UP!

Clinton Foundation

Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer, claims that the Clinton Foundation received $145 million from Russia. The shareholders from Uranium One gave Hillary’s foundation all those millions, and she has the gall to accuse President Trump for ‘doing business’ with Russia!

“Look there are couple of things that are extremely troubling about the deal we touched on. Number one is the amount of money $145 million. We are not talking about a super PAC giving a million dollars to support a candidate. We are not talking about campaign donations,” Schewizer said during his interview with Lou Dobbs on Fox News Business.

“We are talking about $145 million, which by the way is 75 percent or more of the annual budget of the Clinton Foundation itself, so it’s a huge sum of money.”

The Clintons said that they would refuse any foreign donation, but the Clinton Foundation accepted over 1,100 that we know about. This shows that Hillary is the one who did business with Russia. She used her position to profit from deals like this.

Will the investigation bring Hillary behind bars?

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