Trump Supporters Attacked At Oscars Protest

Trump Supporters Attacked

The people of the US have had enough of these elitists and their superior attitude and have boycotted this narcissistic. Naturally a few Trump supporters went to the Dolby Theatre, to hold a peaceful protest.

It wasn’t peaceful for very long as a female snowflake quickly lost it and attacked a Trump supporter holding a sign.

Wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and carrying a sign, a female Trump supporter had her sign ripped from her hands by a young woman and then the fight was on.

The woman who grabbed the sign was join by her as the two attacked the Trump supporter but police quickly broke it up was arrested the instigator.

The Oscar boycott drive started on Facebook in response to Hollywood stars using their platform to slam President Trump and his supporters. According to the Daily Mail, the widely shared Facebook post from a women’s group called ‘Tempe Republican Women,’ which urged followers to vote with their remote controls and switch off the Oscars.

‘It is important that we, the deplorables, show the likes of Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Alec Baldwin, Cher … that we, the backbone and decent people of America, are more united than the bitter, unhappy, angry, divisive people of the entertainment industry,’ the post read.

All of us here boycotted this event and hope that you did too!

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