New Hampshire Latest State To Allow Gun Owners To Carry Concealed Weapon

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New Hampshire is the latest state allow to citizens there to carry a concealed, loaded gun without a license that was mandatory before.

The new bill was signed by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu which eliminates the need to get a concealed-carry license. The new law allows gun owners to carry their guns wherever they go. “It is common-sense legislation,” Governor Sununu said after he announced the new law. “This is about making sure that our laws on our books are keeping people safe while remaining true to the live-free-or-die spirit.”

Gun right activists cheered to the new law but, the state of New Hampshire bars individuals with restraining order against them and convicts from carrying and possessing a gun. The same applies to convicts who got prison sentence, drug users, people with mental disorders, and individuals accused and convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.

The New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police isn’t behind the new law, saying that it would lead to unwanted incidents, because now dangerous people could carry hidden guns.

“We have some concerns, obviously, about the ramifications that could come out of this,” stated Chief Andrew Shagoury, vice president of the association.

But, the majority supported the bill, because many people couldn’t get the license due to unfair reasons.

“The Constitution is very clear, and the chiefs of police need to grow up,” stated Republican Rep. John Burt. “That’s why they’re mad: They can’t abuse the public anymore.”

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