Muslim Council Wants To Honor Muslim Terrorists On Memorial Day!

Zahra Billoo

The Muslim Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has made is making some outrageous statements about Memorial Day. What they are saying is that soldiers should not be honored on Memorial Day!

Instead they want us to honor Muslim terrorists, and tweeted how the United States is a nation based on white supremacy.

Zahra Billoo is the executive director of CAIRs San Francisco Bay Region and she tweeted on how difficult it is for her to have to endure Memorial Day ever year.

She went on to quote Dawud Walid who was the former executive director of CAIRs, arguing American Soldiers should not be honored for fighting in unjust wars. This woman is unbelievable, last time anyone checked they are immigrants to this country, so what right do they think they have to tell us what to do!

CAIR has endorsed sharia law and anti-American organizations. Fortunately this type of behavior will not be tolerated under the Trump administration. Especially with the strong support the President has shown to the military, veterans, and law enforcement officials.

What do you think?

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