Muslim Pre School Teacher FIRED After Spreading HATE!

Nancy Salem


Muslims brainwashing children is nothing new, but now it’s happening right here! At a pre-school in Arlington, Texas a Muslim teacher was caught calling for infidels’ deaths in her off time.

Parents were terrified when they found out teacher Nancy Salem was doing at The Children’s Courtyard pre-school. It seems that under the Obama administration anything goes as far as Islam is concerned, but not anymore now that we have Donald Trump, as President.

Nancy Salem

Salem has been spreading her hate on social media platform Twitter since 2012, plastering her profile with posts. Despite this going on for five years, parents whose kids were in her class had no idea that she had been calling for the deaths of an entire race. When they finally found out, they began flooding the school with angry responses and calls for action to be taken against Salem immediately.

Dallas News reports that when Salem showed up to school on Wednesday, she was met with her unexpected termination she didn’t see coming since she apparently doesn’t consider calling for more deaths of Jews, kissing the bloody Palestinian ground, as a hate speech.

This woman and many others like her around the country have been allowed into these positions where they don’t belong as a result of political correctness that finds it more important to protect Islam than American people. These parents have every right to be outraged that they paid for their children to attend a school who hires a jihad and genocide-supporting Muslim who could have been secretly ingraining hate into their minds daily, at a minimum to the danger she posed as their teacher.

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