Maryland Mosque Honors Islamist Extremist Mumtaz Qadri

Mumtaz Qadri


The Left want us to believe that all Muslims are peaceful and loving people, but the evidence points to the something much darker. Muslims are not the tolerant loving people that the left portray.

Right here in a Maryland mosque, just 50 miles from Washington D.C. we see a disturbing trend repeated on Sunday. This mosque in Pikesville, Maryland actually honored an Islamist assassin as part of a ceremony that celebrates the death anniversaries of noted saints.

Yes, you got it, these people are honoring a murder as a saint!

Islamist extreme Mumtaz Qadri was hung last year in Pakistan for shooting the governor of the Punjab province 28 times in 2011 for speaking out against his country’s heresy laws. During the event, an unidentified speaker said, “Whoever disrespects the Holy Prophet Muhammad is worthy of death, and even if disrespects indirectly he is still worthy of death, even if someone asks for forgiveness it is not acceptable.”

This disgusting display is what happens after 8 years of Obama’s policies. People are afraid to question anything now because they are afraid of being called a racist or an islamophobe. If this happened in any other time frame prior to Obama these people would have been called out for their extreme behavior.

What do you think?

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