Is This The Proof We Need To Convict Hilary? – Video


WOW watch this bombshell video that proves Hillary and Bill Clinton are the monsters we all knew they were!

Today the Daily Mail released an exclusive video of ex-Clinton donor Johnny Chung where he gives details both how he funneled $100,000’s of illegally money into Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and their attempt to cover it up and assassinate him to keep him quite.

Chung was caught donating huge sums of money to the Clintons before he was instructed by the DNC on how to plead the fifth so he would not have to testify against them in court.

Later, Chung was recruited by the FBI in a “sting operation” against a top Chinese General in a Los Angeles airport. Right after the operation, the FBI pulled his security detail, leaving him without any protection.

Realizing his life was at risk and that the Clintons had betrayed him, he made this tape and gave it to his friends and family with the instructions to release it upon his death. His current condition and location are unknown.

The video tape was provided by historian David Wead who is currently writing a book, Game of Thorns, which proves that the 2016 Clinton campaign was actually an attempt by the Chinese government to buy power in Washington, D.C. for their own takeover.

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