Governor Jerry Brown Has BLOOD On His Hands After Cop Gunned Down By Released Criminal!

Sgt. Steve Owen funeral


After being released because of California Governor Jerry Brown liberal policies, hardened criminal Michael Christopher Mejia gunned down two cops in Whittier, California killing one.

This criminal is a hardcore gangster and unbelievably he was set free to do as he pleased!

Now the family of Sgt. Steve Owen and his friends are dealing with the tragic loss of their loved one that should have been prevented.

A weeping police chief told voters Monday that …. ‘enough is enough’

Police say the shootings of the police officers came on top of another murder committed by the same man earlier in the day.

Officer Keith Boyer had been on the Whittier Police force for 27 years. He and his partner made a traffic stop Monday morning when all of a sudden the suspect reached for a gun and started shooting. Boyer died at the hospital. The other officer is expected to survive.


It was back in 2011 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that California’s overcrowded prisons were constituted cruel and unusual punishment due to the conditions they were in. Instead of building more prisons, Brown decided to sign into law AB 109, which moved some inmates from state prisons to county jails.

Then came Propositions 47 and 57, both of which did get approved by voters in California after Brown had the audacity to promise there would be no safety fallout…as it turns out, Proposition 47 stopped “non violent” criminals from heading to state prison, and 57 accelerated prison sentences for the hard criminals doing time.

All because Brown believed they would give opportunities for these hardened criminals to “turn their lives around”

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