After Mocking Trump Media Eats Crow After Refugees Riot In Sweden!

Refugees Riot


Right after the media criticized Trump after he misspoke about a recent attack on Sweden, and Swedish officials mocked him. He was proven RIGTH AGAIN as refugees rioted in the Swedish streets!

It began Monday night around 8 P.M., the police were trying to arrest a person in the immigrant-dominated neighborhood of Rinkeby. It triggered a situation that escalated quickly, then developed into a full-scale riot. Journalists that were on the ground reported that the Stockholm suburb resembled a “war zone”.

The refugees started throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails at the police. According to one police source “The officers were caught between the rioters and their cars and therefore had to shoot at the stone-throwing rioters“.

Here is some of the disturbing footage.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, in order to save face, last week aired a piece in English which claimed that ‘no-go zones’ in the suburbs of Sweden that police were scared of entering, in fact, did not exist.

This attack last night just proves that Trump was correct. Yes, an attack did not happen, but his premise was correct. Sweden took in large numbers of refugees without vetting them and now they have HUGE issues. That is not being deceitful at all, but telling the truth and being transparent. If these countries abroad want to have a constant stream of refugees entering their country, so be it. But, guess what? We don’t want them here, and that is the end of the story.

Hopefully, the Swedish government and the rest of Europe will wise up soon before it is too late.

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