New York Times Columnist Charles Blow Suffers MELT DOWN On CNN – Video

Charles Blow


Charles Blow suffered a melted down on Friday, CNN’s Don Lemon show which shut down the whole segment.  It all started when Paris Dennard, an analyst from the George W. Bush administration said the segment was pushing “fake news.”

New York Times columnist and CNN commentator Charles Blow goes on a “Don’t touch me” rant against conservative commentator Kayleigh McEnany.

McEnany told Lemon that she didn’t think that he was unfair to Trump, but indicated that she thought other left-wing people were.

“I think some of my left-wing counterparts are very unfair to Trump. I think anytime there’s any sort of vagueness or gaps in the facts — when there’s leaks, for instance — they insert sinister suspicion where it does not belong. I don’t think it’s you, but I do think some of my left-leaning commentators who I disagree with ideologically do that,” she said

As she said that she gestured toward Blow and appeared to lightly tapped his arm. That set him off. “Don’t touch me and then launch into your ‘sinister motivation’ diatribe,” he raved.

I didn’t realize there is a one-inch barrier where I am not allowed to get close to you,” she retorted as Blow continued to speak. “Now that I know, I will just scoot over that way.”

“You can scoot until you fall off that ledge,” Blow replied. “That’s what I’m telling you is don’t touch me while you’re saying I’m sinister.”

McEnany then tried to calm things down.

“What you just said to me is a lot like what Maxine Waters said today when she said, ‘Look, don’t ask me to meet President Trump. I don’t even want to meet with you.’ We are all Americans. Maybe you don’t feel that way. We have one president. We should all want him to succeed. We should all be friends at the end of the day and hug it out. And if you don’t want to do that, you don’t have to do that,” she said.

But that made him even madder, he then accused McEnany of making “a very personal attack to say I don’t believe I’m an American. Don’t do that,” he said.

Can you believe some of these lefties! What do you think?

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1 Comment

  1. Charles Blow has the arrogance that comes from a belief that he is a New York Times journalist. But he is nothing more than a black face. A black face that NYT puts on any news article that needs a black face at the top of the article. Mr. Blow has finally come to terms with that fact. That he is nothing more than a black face. A black face that is being used by the media Establishment. That is why he is an angry black man. And he is taking out his anger on a gorgeous blonde by the name of Kayleigh McEnany. The exchange that we witnessed on live television between Charles Blow and Kayleigh McEnany was truly despicable. It was nothing short of the raping of a vulnerable and innocent Caucasian blonde by an angry and violent black man. And we saw it on live TV.

    A man would do anything to have Kayleigh McEnany touch him. A man who is a normal heterosexual. A man who doesn’t have the anger that is the result of an inferiority complex. An inferiority complex that is the direct result of being a dark shade of black.

    But the black face of NYT must always wear a suit. So Kayleigh McEnany wasn’t even touching his skin. She was merely touching his jacket.

    How so often we dream of Kayleigh McEnany touching our very own skin. Our very own flesh. Even the fantasy is exhilarating.

    But CNN is surely to be faulted as well. CNN needs to treat better the classy and well-educated blonde who is gracing the CNN studio. You simply cannot put an impeccably classy blonde next to an uncivilized Negro.

    Classy blondes deserve better. And Kayleigh McEnany is as classy as they come. She was educated at Oxford and Harvard. She holds a law degree from Harvard Law School.

    Please don’t sit her next to an uncivilized Negro.

    Trump has no better surrogate than Kayleigh McEnany. In addition to her superb education, she is cool under pressure. She never gets angry. No matter how heated the argument, or how angry her adversary, she is always calm. Calm and extremely efficient. Her razor sharp intellect is able to crush and obliterate her opponent’s arsenal with great efficiency. She leaves the battlefield riddled with bodies. I have never seen anyone get the better of her in an argument.

    She is so good that the Trump administration has no problem letting her go up against two, and sometimes three, opponents at the same time. Every time she crushes the adversary. Every time she is the victor on the battlefield. Every time she is a class act.

    She never loses her cool. Always the impeccable blonde. Always the gorgeous blonde.

    At 28, Kayleigh McEnany is still young. Her bachelor’s degree indicates that her dream was to join the foreign service. And that still might be her goal.

    She would be an outstanding representative to the United States. She will make this nation proud anywhere she goes. On any foreign soil that her feet touches she will make this nation proud.

    If CNN cannot appreciate the true value of this woman, then surely another network will.

    We would love to continue to see this awesome blonde on our TV screens. But one of the networks needs to see what the average viewer is seeing: Kayleigh McEnany deserves respect. She deserves to be treated in accordance with her value. She deserves to be a full-time anchor and a permanent presence on our screens.

    If she doesn’t get what she wants from the networks, Kayleigh McEnany may well decide to pursue her original dream and enter the foreign service. Her undergraduate education indicates that foreign service was her first dream.

    She certainly has all the qualities that you want in a diplomat. Diplomacy is ingrained in this woman.

    And if she does enter the foreign service, she will surely be missed on our screens.

    But if she does decide to pursue a career in the foreign service, we do ask that she be placed in countries that respect her beauty and value her pedigree.

    Please don’t put her in an African country. Please don’t put her where she is around Negroes. She has had enough of that on CNN.

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