Washington State Trooper Questioned After Reporting Criminal Alien To ICE



Washington state senator Steve O’Ban is angry and wants to know why a state trooper is being questioned for informing ICE about an illegal alien he encountered at accident scene.

Reported by Washington Examiner:

An unnamed state trooper is being grilled for telling Immigration and Customs Enforcement about one of their suspects last week, wanted on a felony warrant and found after a traffic accident on I-5.

That man is Armando Chavez Corona, who ICE says was convicted on a felony drug charge and departed to Mexico four times from 1996 to 2000.

The trooper did not detain Chavez Corona, who was not at fault in the accident, but ICE picked him up at the scene of the collision after the trooper contacted the agency. He currently awaits deportation.

Tacoma News Tribune said the trooper is under review because of a policy which limits how much troopers can do to help federal immigration officials.

Washington State is a sanctuary state that limits what law enforcement can do in cooperation with federal agents dealing with illegal aliens.

The governor is a strong critic of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and said he presented a “clear and present danger to our state.”

O’Ban said he believed the investigation of the trooper was politically motivated by the governor’s attempt to “nationalize the issue.”

It’s crazy that a trooper can be in trouble for reporting an illegal alien to the proper authorities.

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