Senator John McCain Takes Cheap Shot At Trump While Speaking At Munich Security Conference

Senator John Mccain


We all know about John McCain’s military service, but there are now major questions about his politics performance.

It obvious he doesn’t like Donald Trump, and is frequently heard bashing Trump, but he seems to forget that they are both Republicans.

Here’s a short excerpt from McCain’s speech in Europe as he takes a shot a Trump.

From BizPac Review:

“They would be alarmed by an increasing turn away from universal values and toward old ties of blood, and race, and sectarianism.”

“They would be alarmed by the hardening resentment we see toward immigrants, and refugees, and minority groups, especially Muslims.”

“They would be alarmed by the growing inability, and even unwillingness, to separate truth from lies.”

“They would be alarmed that more and more of our fellow citizens seem to be flirting with authoritarianism and romanticizing it as our moral equivalent.”

Does McCain even release what he’s doing? Seems like it’s past time for him to retire!

What do you think?

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