Jeanine Pirro Blames Obama For White House Leaks!

Jeanine Pirro


 Judge Jeanine Pirro came out swinging saying that “Obama leftovers” are to blame for the leaks that are hurting Trump.

talking about Donald Trump’s Thursday press conference, Pirro said on Fox and Friends that this was “vintage Donald Trump.”

Saying, “I think Donald Trump got up yesterday morning and said, ‘I’ve had it with this fake news hogwash. I’ve had it with my people spending time going out there and trying to rebut what they’re saying. I’m gonna go out there myself, I’m gonna talk to the people.’”

Furthermore, Pirro explained that the American people can easily understand the fact that the liberal media are lying at all times and “if anyone is gonna bring them down, it’s gonna be Donald Trump.”

As far as the leaks go, “These are Obama people who are leftovers,” she added.

“This is classified information, serious stuff,” Pirro continued. “A lot of these people are very much embedded into the system” and Trump’s team will have to go in and weed them out.

Donald Trump seemed to enjoy taking on the press and we will all remember his confrontation with CNN reporter Jim Acosta.



Unlike CNN, Trump has only good words for Fox and Friends, and stated the show hosts are “very honorable people.”

“They hit me also, when I do something wrong, but they have the most honest morning show,” president Trump said.

We definitely support the way Trump confronted Acosta, and if the president cannot call them out, who can?

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