Sheriff David Clarke Has Great Idea About How To Clean Up Illegal Criminals!



Earlier today the Associated Press ran a fake news story that sent the liberal media into a frenzy! That story claimed that Trump was getting ready to deploy the National Guard to help capture illegal immigrants.

Total fiction but not a bad idea. So far this week immigration raids captured 678 people in 12 states, 74 percent of which had been convicted of a crime.

The US Herald, reported that Sheriff David Clarke has a brilliant idea that’s causing many on the left to PANIC.

The strategy to turn Milwaukee’s deputies into ICE agents in combating illegal immigration and pluck out the criminal element hidden within this group of immigrants is the brainchild of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Activists and organized Latino groups are vowing to fight Sheriff Clark’s proposal by closing their businesses and taking their children out of school hoping to prevent Clarke from turning deputies into immigration agents.

However in a statement, the good Sheriff, once again reiterated that his job is protecting America’s borders, and for the safety of its citizens to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, that open borders provide. His job is to also “control the number of another failed nation’s refugees which would overwhelm America’s limited public services.”

Some where between 10,000 to 20,000 people from a dozen or so communities joined in protest of Clarke, chanting “Si, podemos!” or “Yes we can!”

This is only making Sheriff Clarke’s job easier.

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