Media Goes Silent After This HORRIBLE Leftie Attack!

Doc Miller and Judith Philips

Doc Miller and Judith Philips woke one morning to find their beautiful historic home in Denver had been vandalized.

On the side of their house anti-Trump lefties had spray painted threats, against them and President Trump.

From Denver Channel:

“MAKE RACISTS AFRAID AGAIN” and “DEATH TO TRUMP” were among the words painted on the couple’s home.

“I feel incredibly offended,” said Doc Miller.

The vandals also used a BB gun to shoot holes in the window, one of the homeowners told Denver7.

“I was scared especially seeing the bullet holes,” said Judith Phillips.

Even worse they found bullet holes through the windows, so someone could easily have been killed in this attack!

Some much for the peaceful and tolerant left, and just as bad are the media who refused to cover this story.

Fortunately the local Denver station covered it or else we might have never learned of this horrible attack

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