CNN Guilty Of Fake News Rules Judge Orinda Evans!



We all know about CNN and their fake news stories and David Carbone has the proof that it’s true!

Carbone, formerly the CEO of St. Mary’s Medical Center, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, filed a lawsuit against CNN, after their reporters said that the infant mortality in the surgery program of the hospital is three times the average of other hospitals.

Soon after CNN ran the story, the pediatric cardiothoracic surgery program was cancelled, and David Carbone got fired.

Judge Orinda Evans ruled on the case in the Federal District Court saying: “The Court finds these allegations sufficient to establish that CNN was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its report, i.e., with ‘actual malice.’” 

CNN’s report claimed that the Medical Center can’t save children’s lives. According to Carbon, CNN lied intentionally, and noted that the news outlet didn’t say anything positive about the controversial program.

According to Carbone’s attorney, L. Lin Wood, CNN’s story is nothing more than fake news. “False and defamatory accusations against real people have serious consequences. Neither St. Mary’s or Mr. Carbone did anything to deserve being the objects of the heinous accusation that they harmed or put babies and young children at risk for profit,” added Wood.

The former CEO had hard times finding a new job after CNN destroyed his reputation. Their story destroyed decades of success.

CNN also suggested that parents take their children to other hospitals. The controversial program involved treatment for babies and small children who had problems with their heart or lungs.

If it’s estimated that the program provides real care, CNN should be accused for encouraging parents to put their children at risk while transporting them elsewhere.

This isn’t the first time a medium lies. But, this time they exposed innocent children to their lies, and we don’t even want to mention what can happen because of their lies.

What do you think?

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