Michael Flynn Forced To RESIGN After Caught Lying To Vice President Pence!

Michael Flynn


Michael Flynn has been force to resign after he was caught in a lie to VP Mike Pence about a call he made to an Russian Ambassador!

From the Daily Caller:

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned Monday amid accusations he mislead Vice President Mike Pence about a call he had with the Russian ambassador, in which he reportedly discussed sanctions levied against Moscow.

Pence went to bat for Flynn and directly told the press that the now-former national security adviser had not spoken to Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

But a U.S. official told CNN Friday that Flynn had definitely spoken to Kislyak about sanctions in December before Trump’s inauguration.

The FBI had reportedly looked at Flynn’s conversations with Russian officials previously. It was reported in January that they found nothing illicit in the conversations.

Here is Flynn’s letter of resignation where he says he is resigning because he did not properly inform the Vice President about his conversations.

Flynn’s letter of resignation

The White House has named Lt. General Joseph Keith Kellogg as Acting National Security Advisor.

Acting National Security Advisor.

WOW Shocking, is Trump right to accept his resignation?

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