Half Brother Of North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-nam, Assassinated By Beautiful NK Agents!

Kim Jong-nam


This story comes right out of a spy thriller and it’s TRUE! The half-brother of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, was assassinated in Malaysia yesterday.

Monday, at the Kuala Lumpur airport, Kim Jong-nam, 45, was assassinated by two women who used poison needles to kill him.

This according to TTV Chosun, South Korea’s all-news channel. As the report states, the women escaped in a taxi after the attack happened, and there is presently a massive search underway for them.

Government officials in Kuala Lumpur state that a man was found unresponsive on Monday, and died later on in the hospital. We are still waiting for autopsy report.

Kim Jong-nam is the eldest son of the departed North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il. He was once the head of North Korea but due to his lack of leadership he was removed and deported to China.

After the incident and after his father suffered a stroke in 2008, Kim Jong-un became the first one to be offered the throne. His half-brother, Kim Jong-nam spent his time in foreign countries such as Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia, where he was romantically involved with women.

Mr. Kim spoke on the subject o his father and explained his decision to rule.

“It is my father’s decision,” he said. “So, once he decides, we have to support.”

Now, there are speculations that Kim Jong-un might have ordered his half-brother’s assassination, although no evidence are provided to support this.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for South Korea’s, Kim Myung-yeon, released a statement on this scandal and said that this death was a “naked example of Kim Jong-un’s reign of terror.”

During his ruling, Mr. Kim has executed numerous country servants because of authority issues or because they represented a threat to his position.

He also executed relatives, like his uncle Jang Song-thaek, who was killed on order in 2013 because of factionalism, corruption, and conspiracy.

retaliation has been the main characteristic that Mr. Kim has, so many are in fear for their lives. In 1997, Lee Han-young, a nephew of a former wife of Kim Jong-il, was shot and killed in Seoul. As the speculations state, this was done by Mr. Kim because Lee didn’t agree on his regime.

Many people also believe that without any particular order, the man would not have been killed. He was obviously scared because he tried to escape abroad several times.

Who do you think killed Mr.Kim’s half-brother?

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