Illegal Aliens Fleeing To Canada In Record Numbers!

illegal aliens


After Trump’s new immigration executive order, illegal aliens and refugees are fleeing to Canada. One 36-year-old refugee named Farhan Ahmed was one of about twenty-four who walked across the Canadian border, arriving at the small town of Emerson.

Enduring freezing winter temperatures, several lost fingers to frostbite. Canadian Wayne Pfield told the media that refugees often stop at his hotel asking if hey have reached Canada yet.

The police are quickly called and then the refugees are taken to the nearest border outpost for processing. There they can file an asylum claim. RCMP Corporal Paul Manaigre said the following about those who cross the border there.

They usually call us if they’re cold or lost, and we find them on the side of the highway.”

However, an agreement with the government of Canada makes it so that asylum seekers fleeing the United States cannot lodge claims in Canada if they first landed stateside. It only applies to border checkpoints, airports, the train stations.

Canada’s Border Services Agency has noted that statistics have approximately doubled in each of the last four years from 321 cases in 2015-2016. Beginning in April there have been about 403 new cases.

The majority of people come from Djibouti, Ghana, Nigeria and Somalia. Some case workers are noting that people are saying it’s their fear of Donald Trump making them leave the United States. Immigration Partnership Winnipeg’s Hano Al-Ubeady said,

It saddens me to see refugees flee not only their country but also a safe, democratic country like the United States. They have to take another risky journey to make it to another safe place — Canada.”

However, what everyone is failing to note is that the temporary order which only limits travel from seven countries was temporary. Not to mention it has temporarily been halted and is no longer being followed while it sees its way through the judicial system. Thus there is no danger to them now or ever.

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