Federal Agents BOOST Arrests Of Illegal Aliens Who Crossed Into The US

Federal Agents


US Border Agents are said to be increasing arrests at the Mexico/US border as a response to Trumps new polices.

The latest video proof shows how immigrants try to enter the country. It seems like they forget who is in charge of this country. President Trump will never allow anyone harm his people, and this video is a clear evidence of his power.

ICE agents detained an illegal immigrant in Austin, Texas. As if that wasn’t enough, a group of federal agents came to help their colleagues deal with the illegal alien. This is America. Don’t forget that.

IRREFUTABLE • Images that record several ICE agents in full custody. It happened this morning in the vicinity of the Taco Bell restaurant that is located at the intersection of N. Lamar Blvd. and Rundberg Ln., Very close to the H-E-B. The images clearly prove ICE’s presence in Austin. The video is from MANGO VEGA.

This was noted in the description of the video.

This arrest won’t be accepted by liberals, and they will sure do anything to stop that, because of their support for the immigrants. They will never accept anything that comes from President Trump. Liberals are unaware of the fact that the President cares for his people.

Do you support the President’s will to protect America?

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