Vice President Mike Pence Backs Trump Over Immigration Ban – Video

Mike Pence

Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence backs our president on immigration ban, and defended his actions during an interview.

“I truly do believe that a majority of the American people are grateful that we have a president who is willing to take decisive action, use the authority he has under the Constitution and the law, to pause with regard to these seven countries and rethink the way that we admit people into America,” said Vice President Pence.

He noted, “We live in a dangerous world. I think the American people welcome a president as decisive as President Trump.” In regards to Judge Robart, Pence said, “Well, look, the president of the United States has every right to criticize the other two branches of government. And we have a long tradition of that in this country.”

“The judge’s actions in this case, making decisions about American foreign policy and national security, it’s just very frustrating to the president, to our whole administration, to millions of Americans who want to see judges that will uphold the law and recognize the authority the president of the United States has under the Constitution to manage who comes into this country,” Pence continued. This wasn’t the first time Pence defended the President. “There’s simply no question under the Constitution, and frankly under federal law, that the president of the United States has the authority in the interest of national security to determine who has the right to come into this country,” said Pence in other occasion.

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