Trump Deports First Illegals – Liberals FREAK!

Liberals FREAK

Liberals FREAK

Trump promised when he became president that he would stop illegal aliens from living in the US any longer and to deport the criminals of this group back to their homelands.

True to his word, the deportations became reality on Thursday, when the first group was deported.

One  illegal criminal that got deported was Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos. She has been living in America illegally for two decades and raised two kids in the country. In 2008 she was arrested for using an invalid Social Security number.

With this number, she managed to get a job at the Golfland Sunsplash amusement park in Mesa, Arizona. Now Rayos has been charged with felony identity theft.

As a result of her arrest she had to report to immigration officials annually. It was when she reported in that she was detained, with the immigration court then ordering her removed in 2013, but former president Barack Obama allowed him to continue living in the States.

This Wednesday, Rayos made her annual check in and got deported instead.

This exploded into a protest, in which 7 protesters were arrested because they were trying to hold the ICE van carrying the illegal alien.

Below you can find the video of the entire incident, in which protests from MSNBC and their fake reporter Brian Williams are trying to deviate the truth. As Williams states, Rayos was deported because he “worked here illegally.”

And here’s the moment the public school educated SJWs run up on the ICE van.

Want more? How about some shrill old women & liberal indoctrinated teen girls who think being obnoxious is going to stop a felon illegal from being whisked across the border where she belongs. Get a load of the hippie who can’t afford a real drum at the end. A real rocket scientist there, folks!

The job doesn’t stop until every illegal criminal is sent away home. Because that is how things get done now in America.

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