Pence Gets Final Vote To Confirm Betsy Devos As Trump’s Secretary for Education

Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos

In case you wonder what a vice president does, one of his duties is cast the final vote in case of a tie. And that’s what happened with Betsy Devos.

Here are some other tie break votes:

Dick Cheney has broken the last tie, said the secretary of the Senate. On March 13, 2008, he broke a 50-50 tie on an early procedural vote while Congress worked on a federal budget.

Parachuting in from the campaign trail, three presidential nominees were on hand to cast their own votes that day: Senators John McCain, Republican of Arizona; Hillary Clinton, Democrat of New York; and former president Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois.

In his the eight years as vice president during the Obama’s reign, Joseph R. Biden Jr. never gave a decisive vote, even though there was a story at one point that he would be called in to help approve Loretta Lynch as attorney general when her candidacy delayed in 2015.

The 50-50 Senate

Mr. Cheney gave the final eight tiebreaking votes — which is more than any other vice president since Richard M. Nixon’s stall as No. 2. Mr. Cheney’s first two chances came less than three months into George W. Bush’s tenure.

On April 3, 2001, Mr. Cheney decided his first tiebreaker, beating back a Democratic intention to lower the president’s proposed tax reductions to cover the cost of Medicare prescription drug coverage.

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