Trump Ordered The ATF To Send A Special Task Force Chicago – Mayor Furious!



Donald Trump has started to clean up Chicago by creating a special ATF task force!

The President ordered the ATF to send in a special task force to Chicago to start the newly minted Chicago Crime Guns Strike Force. It will be made up of twenty of the ATF’s top agents.

Previously, they had only forty agents in the Chicago metropolitan area. This was a complete shock to Mayor Ryan Emmanuel. He told reporters he was welcoming to the President’s help and even asked for more federal FBI and DEA agents to assist in the fight against violent crime.

One spokesperson for the ATF said the following on the new moves,

ATF is exploring various options as we are committed to furthering law enforcement efforts in Chicago. One of those options is to send additional agents to Chicago on permanent transfers. ATF is still early in the process of developing strategies and will be prepared to discuss these options further once plans are finalized.’”

Chicago is the home of former President Barack Obama and it has fallen into a violent abyss over the last five to ten years. While having the strictest gun control regulations out there they have the highest crime rates of any city across the nation. Which shows how the Obama administration failed in their attempt to take law abiding citizens’ guns away.

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