Senator John McCain Calls Australian Ambassador And Crosses The Line!

Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain went behind the back of our President and called the Australian Ambassador to offer his support!

McCain’s phone conversation ambassador is a violation of the Logan Act. This law stops any interference of citizens in disputes with other countries.

“Australia is one of America’s oldest friends and staunchest allies,” McCain said. “In that spirit, I called Australia’s Ambassador to the United States this morning to express my unwavering support for the U.S.-Australia alliance.”

According to the Logan Act, ANY American who “without permission of the United States” either directly or indirectly “commences or carries on correspondence” with foreign countries, to “influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer” in ongoing issues with America, will get a prison sentence of three years and a fine.

“We are united by ties of family and friendship, mutual interests and common values, and shared sacrifice in wartime,” Senator McCain kept explaining his “reasons” for the conversation.

“I asked Ambassador Hockey to convey to the people of Australia that their American brothers and sisters value our historic alliance, honor the sacrifice of the Australians who have served and are serving by our side, and remain committed to the safer, freer, and better world that Australia does far more than its fair share to protect and promote.”

Was McCain really offering his support?

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