Trucker Michael Stout Calls Out ‘Snowflakes’ In Epic MUST WATCH RANT!



Despite of all the protests, the President has a lot of solid supporters. One trucker, Michael Stout, took his support of Trump to YouTube with this video of an epic rant attacking the snowflakes protesting the President’s executive order banning immigration from seven countries.

Wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat he ripped into the lefties, here what he said:

Our President is doing the best he can to keep us safe. All you snowflakes out there don’t like that. Ok. Got it. You snowflakes don’t like it. One thing, if one of them idiots come into this country and cause a 9/11 or cause a terrorist attack. One of them. One. All it takes is one. And Americans are killed, it’s your fault. It’s not my fault. I voted for Trump. It’s not my fault. It’s not Trump’s fault.

Cause Trump is doing everything he can to keep us all safe. If American folks die and get killed by one of these idiots we are letting in the country. The thousands of people out there protesting, the blood is on your hands. Every one of you. I hope you can sleep at night.”

It’s great to hear people sticking up for our President, well said Mr. Stout!

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