Japan Works With America To Create Massive Job Program



It seems like Japan wants to work with our new President with a massive cooperation plan!

Referred to as the “Japan-U.S. growth and employment initiative,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will present his plan during his visit of the White House on February 10. The initiative involves $450 billion in market growth, and Abe promised new investments and 700,000 new jobs.

These millions are meant for our infrastructure development, robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber, space, and defense projects in the country.

The Prime Minister will also offer high-speed rail projects, plans for transportation infrastructure upgrades, technology sharing programs, advanced power generation projects, and other powerful projects..

But, it’s still a mystery whether Abe will present these projects during his visit.

Some believe that the Japanese are just trying to stay friends with President Trump.

Our President made sharp critics for Japan regarding the unfair trade policy. Former president Obama never did anything like that.

President Trump knows that Japan is restricting our access to Japanese auto markets using trade barriers. Currency manipulations are also part of the big game.

“We sell a car into Japan and they do things to us that make it impossible to sell cars in Japan,” Trump explained to several business leaders.

The Japanese deny any of these assertions.

“You look at what Japan has done over the years. They play the money market, they play the devaluation market and we sit there like a bunch of dummies,” Trump revealed his views regarding this matter, but Japan still claims that this is “totally incorrect.”

This cooperation is still unofficial. The only thing that’s clear is that Japan is trying to convince our President that they’re into fair trading.

“Trump only cares about numbers. Everything has to be linked to jobs creation,” a Japanese diplomat said in one of the interviews, asserting that Japan is serious about the new jobs in America.

What do you think about the new cooperation with Japan?

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