Brigitte Gabriel Exposes Muslims Secret Plot To Take Over The WEST!

Muslims Secret Plot

Muslims Secret Plot

Brigitte Gabriel, founder and President of Act for America, speaks up about the Muslim refugees and their insidious plans to reap welfare benefits from Western countries while at the same time, plotting to overrun those countries. She said they don’t want to assimilate, but they are like the Borg who only want to change your country’s culture into theirs.

Mrs. Gabriel has seen this first hand in her native country of Lebanon as a Christian born and raised there. At one time “Lebanon went from being ‘the Eden of the Middle East’ to being the terrorist pit of the Middle East”. She goes on to explain how she lost her birth country to radical Islam and that she’s greatly concerned she will lose her adopted country, America, to radical Islam. Gabriel travels the world as a national security expert providing important insight on the rise of Islamic Terrorism.

She explained how Muslims came from poorer countries so their kids could study at the Universities in Lebanon, and how the Lebanese felt for the refugees and built camps for them and took care of them. Eventually, their hospitality destroyed them as the majority population soon became Muslim. She then draws a picture how her home country now has NO government, garbage is piling up in the streets and all because the country is run by a terrorist organization.

This is what happens when you import people into your country that do not share your values — that do not share your idea of freedom or democracy, your idea of tolerance. We can still do humanitarian work, but we need to make sure we are protected first. We know ISIS infiltrated them, they were coming here under the disguise of refugees, but they are actually ISIS recruiters and ISIS sympathizers”

She warned that these refugees have no kind of ID and there is no way to verify their birth dates, names or nationalities. They keep moving further and further west because Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, and Kuwait are turning them away because they are seen as a national security threat. Mrs. Gabriel raises and important question “If Saudi Arabia is refusing to accept them because they are a national security threat, why are we accepting them? Are we that dumb?”

So are we that dumb? Or can we allow wisdom, history, and self-preservation to overcome our need to help?

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