Trump Heading To Palm Beach For The First Time As President




The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a notice of flight restrictions in the area around Palm Beach, Florida for this coming weekend which means that President Trump will most likely visit his home there. As the notice stated on the FAA web page, President Trump will arrive at his Mar-a-Lago Club on Friday, February 3 and will leave on Monday, February 6. This will be Trump’s first visit to his luxurious mansion since his inauguration on January 20. The President will probably make an appearance at the annual Red Cross Ball at the Mar-a-Lago on Saturday evening.

Palm Beach County officials expressed worry last week that flight restrictions for a Trump visit would have a negative impact on the area, as the Secret Service will call, in effect, for the Lantana airport to be temporarily shut down. The general aviation center which is one of the 10 busiest in the country — sits within a 10-nautical mile radius of Mar-a-Lago, which makes it a subject to harsh flight controls.

The flight restrictions have been drastically increased and strengthened now compared to those that were in effect when Trump visited while still president-elect. Now there will be a temporary one-mile “no-fly” zone over Mar-a-Lago — an action that will make commercial flights landing and taking off from Palm Beach International Airport angle north or south away from President Trump’s estate.

Still to come: A Coast Guard advisory for the waters around Mar-a-Lago. In previous visits, the agency has limited access to the Intracoastal and Atlantic Ocean next to the property, engaging patrols in both areas to deter curious boaters and potential ne’er-do-wells as well from entering the set perimeter around the mansion. The President’s visit comes as temperatures in Washington, D.C., plummet into the upper 30s, whereas the weather this in Palm Beachthis weekend is forecast to be cloudless and sunny.

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