Scott Baio Gets Assaulted By Leftie Thugs After Supporting Trump!

Scott Baio

Scott Baio

Scott Baio, the former star of “Happy Stars”, has spoken out about his support for Trump and was attacked by thugs who allegedly called him a fascist.

Talking to Fox News on Sunday morning, Scott explained why he thinks demonstrators at the inauguration were being so hostile and belligerent.

“They are in the last throes of a dying party,”said the actor. “They don’t know what to do. They can’t believe that they lost so they’re getting violent. The ‘tolerant’ people are the most vicious, violent, intolerant people I’ve ever seen.”

The actor also explained what actually happened on the day of the inauguration. Seemingly, one of the anti-Trump demonstrators called Baio a “fascist” and threatened to hit the actor by raising his arm. Thanks to the help of his wife and Charlie Gasparino, a Fox News columnist, Scott Baio managed to evade the attack.

Several days later, Gasparino posted a comment on Facebook to express his opinion about the whole incident:

Talking about the post on Fox News, the actor added, “These people are a little unhinged.”

Basically, extremely unhinged and deranged, as well. According to a report by TMZ, many fights occurred during Trump’s inauguration ceremony. In addition to this, rioters that opposed Trump’s inauguration also damaged private property and even wrecked a limousine:

More that 200 of these hostile liberals were apprehended or detained in the end on the traditionally tranquil day and more than half a dozen police officers were injured  “when protesters flung bricks, trash cans and other objects” at them, reported NBC.

Even after all the bogus talk and the violence, Trump is still the leader of this nation and this is a fact that liberals cannot come to terms with. However, with or without them, no matter how deranged or “unhinged” they are, or whether they accept him or not, Trump will nonetheless be their president.

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