State Dept. Resignation Was Really A House Cleaning By Trump!

Trump your fired

Trump your fired

According to the MSM, on January 26, that the State Department performed a massive resignation from Trump’s service, due to disliking him.

But the truth is, according to CNN, is that Donald Trump was the one to fire them all because he wanted to start fresh.

Those who left the State Department on Trump’s orders were Assistant Secretary of State for Administration Joyce Anne Barr, Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond, Ambassador Gentry O. Smith of the Office of Foreign Missions and Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy.

Although it is a practice when State Department officials resign, to hold onto their letters at least a few months until Senate appoints the new employees, this did not happen now, since the White House accepted the letters of resignation at once.

“Any implication that these four people quit is wrong,” one senior State Department official said. “These people are loyal to the secretary, the president and to the State Department. There is just not any attempt here to dis the president. People are not quitting and running away in disgust. This is the White House cleaning house.”

According to the American Foreign Service Association, finding new people to fill in the positions will not be tricky for new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

“The skills that are needed for these positions are exceedingly rare outside the Foreign Service. Given the talent available in our diplomatic corps, we expect that the new secretary will have no trouble finding the right people at State to fill out his senior leadership team,” the group said in a statement.

This is Trump’s way of showing that his intention to “drain the swamp” is happening.

It is not weird that the liberal media would turnover the truth and spread fake news, so keep a graceful face while Trump works his magic.

This cleanse was totally necessary, especially inside the State Department, due to the past eight years of corruption.

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