Judge Jeanine Attacks Heatless Media After They Pick On 10 Year Old Barron Trump

Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine reprimanded her colleagues in the media for picking on Trump’s youngest son, Barron.

“All of this stuff is an example of the disrespect and the disintegration of civility in our society,” said Pirro about the attacks on Barron. “It is a total disrespect for the first family.”

A lot of children have walked in the halls of the White House in many different administrations, but never before has a president’s child been a target for the opposition. Even though Barron is nearly as tall as Donald, he is only 10 years old! A fourth grader is still a child by everyone’s estimate.

The White House was right to make a forthright statement earlier this week asking that Barron be treated like every other child of the president has been treated, with respect.

“I don’t mind some humor, but for NBC to attack my 10-year-old son is a disgrace. He’s a great boy and it’s not an easy thing for him,” stated President Trump when speaking to Sean Hannity. Trump also called Saturday Night Live a “failing show.”

Saturday Night Live is one key writer short. Katie Rich was removed from the writing staff credits after her shocking and revolting post on Twitter about Barron Trump being the future first “homeschool” mass shooter in the country. The post was completely uncalled for, considering that Barron Trump goes to a prep school and has never been educated at home.

Judge Pirro made a very valid statement when comparing Melania Trump to both former first ladies Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. Mrs. Melania Trump has not been a political activist and has not spoken about policies her husband wants to implement, contrary to Michelle Obama.

Melania is both the First Lady and a full time mother and her son Barron is a minor child of a president. This is where it should end! Period.
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