President Trump Erases Obama Legacy In His FIRST WEEK!

President Trump

President Trump

President Trump in just 1 week has erased former president Obama’s legacy! Trump signed many executive orders, and  kept his promises to America.

First, he went on Obamacare. The President promised to rearrange it. Yes, we do need that change. The Congress is already working to replace Obamacare. The first pre-existing conditions bill will come out next week.

Mexico didn’t like Trump’s executive order to construct a wall on the border with Mexico. The Mexican president even cancelled his meeting with President Trump. The “big, beautiful, powerful wall” will stop illegals from entering the country, and also protect us. National security matters, folks. w

Obama stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline in 2015, claiming that the world won’t see us as a fighter against climate changes.

Trump doesn’t share his opinion.

He already started the procedure to construct the pipeline that extends from Texas to Canada. The same applies to Dakota Access as well. This was one of his campaign promises.

According to the President, these pipelines will bring new jobs, and zero harm to environment. Environmentalists don’t agree, but people who will get a new job support President Trump.

President Donald Trump decided to withdraw America from the Trans-Pacific-Partnership. It’s our country we should care about, not the countries overseas.

Trump believes that this executive order will protect American workers.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another disaster done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country, just a continuing rape of our country. That’s what it is, too. It’s a harsh word: It’s a rape of our country,” explained the President.

Obama viewed this as “the most progressive trade deal in history.”

President Trump stopped refugees as well. We won’t be giving visa to Syria and six other countries – Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

This also applies to countries associated with terrorism.


Do you think Trump is the best president ever?

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  1. Finally a man willing and able to do the will of the people, this guy js going to really clean house with all the scumbag criminals throughout the Govt,numbering in the tens of thousands who should be shot without question for treason. All the people responsible for 9/11 and chemtrailing and the national network of killing satellites are going to get their due.

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