Chelsea Clinton Defends Barron Trump Against Bullying Reporters!

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

Barron Trump has been on the receiving end of some nasty reporters hate. I mean, really, he’s only 10 years old!

But Chelsea Clinton stepped up in his defense yesterday after have her own person experience as the presidents kid.

It was Katie Rich, a comedy writer for SNL, who was on the receiving end after she attacked young Barron. Even though she locked her Twitter account, her words on the network will be long remembered.

The tweet brought Rich a suspension. She did apologize, publicly, but that doesn’t erase the fact that she did something stupid.



Believe it or not, Chelsea Clinton was one of the first people to react after the attack against Barron. The former first daughter asked that everybody leave Barron alone. She better than anyone knows what’s like to be a child in the White House.

“Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does — to be a kid,” Chelsea posted, and her Facebook post was respected by 105,000 Americans, and nearly 9,000 users shared her message.

“Standing up for every kid also means opposing POTUS policies that hurt kids,” Chelsea wrote.

People agreed. Commenters agreed. “Many did not give the same respect to the Obama children, which made me so sad. I will give respect to Barron because he deserves it no matter what his father does,” read one of the comments.

This attack was severely judged by people who respect the President. People signed petitions to get Rich fired. Around 80,000 people thought of the same thing. Get Rich out of here! Although President Trump criticized SNL before, there was no reaction from him or his aides.

Barron Trump will move in the White House after he finishes school in New York. The innocent child never showed anything less than respect, care and love for his family.

The worst thing in this incident is that the children of every American president have been on target do far. Chelsea was one of them.

Unfortunately, that’s the price to have all that freedom and say whatever pops in our minds. People abuse that freedom.

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