Trump Had 31 Million Viewers Watching His Inauguration



Approximately 31 million viewers tuned in to watch the live coverage of Trump’s inauguration, far less than what Obama received in 2008, but the largest crowd since Ronald Reagan’s inauguration.

The totals for President Trump, 30.6 million viewers on 12 broadcast and cable networks that aired live coverage from around 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, outdid the TV audiences measured for his two most recent Republican predecessors –the two inaugurations of George W. Bush and the one of his father before him, George H.W. Bush.

Donald Trump was only been beaten by Obama’s and Reagan’s first inaugurations. Reagan alone drew a larger U.S. TV inauguration audience, with almost 42 million viewers tuning in to see the California Republican sworn in for his first term in 1981. But, only 25 million watched Reagan’s second inauguration four years later.

Trump’s tally was larger than both inaugural ceremonies of Democrat Bill Clinton – 29.7 million and 21.6 million – and the second inauguration of Barack Obama, who drew an average audience of over 20.5 million in 2013, stated Nielsen.

Hillary Clinton must be pretty upset that Trump beat both her husband’s inauguration’s. Trump was quite happy with the numbers as well.


Naturally, the media are already trying to undermine this just because Obama’s first inauguration was followed by a greater number of people. But Trump’s inauguration was during the middle of Friday, which only means that most people were busy at their workplaces.

President Trump’s numbers foretell something good for the future. The massive TV crowd that followed Trump’s inauguration are proof that the people are ready to help the new president and, if only for a day, Trump managed to get the nation united with hopes that it will stay that way during his presidency.

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