Fake Donald Jr. Account Slams A Bullying Reporter After She Made Fun Of Barron




You can bad mouth politicians, but you never mess with a10 year old presidential child.

Some ignorant reporter forget about the golden rule, and went to pick on Barron Trump.

Toronto’s National Post reporter broke this ‘rule’ on Friday. But, the Donald Trump Jr. parody account took all the points. Reporters caught Barron ‘dying of boredom’ during his father’s inauguration.

Then, he played with Ivanka’s baby, and this was caught on camera.

The 10-year-old boy was animated on the parade route on Pennsylvania Avenue. This time he was waving to the crowd.

But, Ashley Csanadi, a National Post reporter, tried to play the lousiest game ever.

This didn’t bring fame to Csanady. If she was hoping for popularity, she didn’t get any. All she got was being called “fat” and “tranny.” Everybody defends children. She should have thought of that before. The social networks exploded. Everybody was against Csanady.

The bully got bullied. Bullying is the worst thing on the entire planet, but some people just deserve it. It’s funny how Barron’s fake brother stood up for him.

Csanady complained that “it was a joke about his weird photos,” but we’re not buying this. Nobody bought it. We all agree that Ashley Csanady is the worst reporter ever. What would she do if Barron was her child?

Her lame tweet is still there. Will she delete it? Nobody knows. People are furious with how the reporter behaved. Same as every other child out there, Barron deserves all the respect and love. Bullying a child should be considered a crime. Our children are the purest beings on planet, and we should take care of them.

What do you think about this?

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