CNN Feels The PAIN As They’re Dropped From Inauguration Ball!

Inauguration Ball

Inauguration Ball

CNN has begun to feel the pain for there never ending attacks on Trump as they were not included with the other press at the Inauguration Ball last night.

The organizers of the Deploraball, MAGA3X, said:

“We’re hosting the Deploraball at the press club because we support quality journalism. We sincerely want to rebuild trust with the media. Unfortunately, we feel your coverage during the election was biased to the point of being irresponsible. We question your integrity as an institution of journalism. Therefore, we will not be issuing you press passes.

Please note that this is not a partisan issue. We have issued passes to journalists from the New Yorker, New York Magazine, FOX, and others. We simply want to be covered fairly and have no confidence that you would do so.”

Here is what O’Keefe had to say regarding the matter: CNN still doesn’t get it: They refuse to cover our #DeploraBall vid then get denied access to event.

So, CNN can basically report REAL news from now on if they wish to be privileged enough to continue as an active media outlet. Otherwise, bye bye birdie.

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