Barack Obama Releases Oscar Lopez-Rivera, The Person Who Bombed AMERICA!

Oscar Lopez-Rivera,

Oscar Lopez-Rivera,

President Obama’s continues to release criminals on the United States as he just reduced the sentence of Oscar Lopez-Rivera, a Puerto Rican patriot who has been charged with inflammatory plot to take down the U.S. government.

Oscar Lopez-Rivera, 74, was the bomb maker for the Puerto Rican independence organization Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña (the Armed Forces of National Liberation), a radical militant organization that goes by the name of FLAN.

According to WLS, with the help of Lopez-Rivera, FLAN’s headquarters were embedded in Chicago and NY City, and it created over 130 bombs in American cities back in 1974.

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, five deaths were linked to the bomb explosions and another 100 victims were seriously injured. The aim of FLAN was to cause destabilization for what they called the “Yankee capitalist monopoly,” for the good of the Puerto Rican autonomy.

Lopez-Rivera was born in Obama’s hometown of Chicago, a man who has dubbed himself an enemy of the U.S. government. Rivera was given 55 years in jail in 1981. He received 15 more years after being convicted in 1988 of attempting to escape, reported the Tribune.

Back in 1999, President Bill Clinton offered López-Rivera and 15 other FALN activists conditional leniency if they would give up violence and terrorism, but López-Rivera rejected the offer.

And as Lane pointed out, Obama’s commutation directive this week showed no signs that López-Rivera has given up violence.

Throughout his time in prison, Lopez-Rivera’s reputation of a terrorist changed into that of a political prisoner wrongly convicted and imprisoned. He became something of a celebrity between politicians, entertainers and demonstrators who have tried to either release him or lessen his sentence. Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez from Chicago, was one of those political figures, stated WLS.

López-Rivera will leave prison by May 17.

Many flags have been tirelessly waved since news broke about Lopez Rivera’s release at the Chikago Puerto Rican Cultural Center.
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