Traitor Bradly Manning Just Received The WORST News Of His Life!



Army Pvt. Bradly Manning who stole classified documents and released them to Wikileaks and then, while in prison began to transition into a woman, was set free from his 35-year sentence as Barack Obama’s final act of treason on his way out of office. Manning won’t be out of prison until May, but just got the worst news of his/her life before entering into the society as a transvestite.

The thrill of being free after serving just seven years of his sentence was squelched as fast as Obama could sign the pardon when the tranny traitor learned that this gift came with a big, painful catch. Prison had some perks for Manning, paid for by taxpayers who won’t have to foot the bill for him to become a woman anymore now that he’s not going to be sucking off of the system.

Washington Examiner reports that with the pardon from the Army’s prison at Fort Leavenworth, Manning also loses his military healthcare benefits, which covered his treatment for gender dysphoria. Unless he ponies up the cash to pay for it himself, his transitioning into a woman will be stopped cold in the middle, making him some kind of confused gender that falls between male and female.

The Pentagon is also no longer on the hook to pay for Manning’s gender-reassignment surgery, which will be saving the military big bucks — and the humiliation to the military to pay for something like this.

As disgusting as it is that Obama would pardon a traitor who is responsible for the deaths of honorable soldiers, at least there is a silver lining that taxpayers are spared the bill for this criminal’s sexual disfunction. Manning will get what’s coming to him in the real world and wish that Obama never gave him the “gift” of being let out of protection.

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