The Beach Boys Announce That They’ll Be Performing At Trump’s Inauguration Party

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys

Donald Trump has had trouble finding A-list performers for his inauguration celebration, with many of the popular names refused to sing in his honor. While others were afraid to accept his invitation because their careers were at high risk not to mentions the death threats.

So we’re excited to learn that the The Beach Boys have accepted Trump’s invitation, and agreed to perform at the inauguration party.

The band is headlining the Texas Society “Black Tie And Boosts” inauguration ball that will is scheduled for Thursday night. This party first became popular when George W. Bush took oath in office in 2001, and this time almost 10,000 people bought their tickets.

“They’re a fun band and people really like them,” noted a source that works in the party’s organization which will take place in Washington D.C. at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center.

The band confirmed their presence after their founding band member Mike Love announced that he would gladly perform in honor of President-elect Donald Trump if he wins these presidential elections. Liberals tried to deny this as well.

“He’s been a friend for a long time,” reveals Love. “Does that mean I agree with everything he says? No. But . . . if we were asked [to play his inauguration], I’m sure that we would.”

Their performance is referred to as “the hottest ticket in town for inauguration.” The tickets for the “Black Tie and Boots” party are sold between $275 and $5,000. Bonnie Bishop, Jason Eady, Jason Boland, Kevin Fowler, Larry Gatlin, Gary P. Nunn, Kenny Maines, Dean Dillon, and the Texas Jam Band, and Tanya Tucker are some of the performers that will spice up the celebration.

Liberals can’t believe that great band names accepted to perform for Trump. It turns out that their influence can’t reach everyone. That’s good news.

Did Trump made a good decision to invite The Beach Boys?


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