New Stats Show That Fox News Is Most Reliable Information Source

Fox News

Fox News

We already know this, but now there’s proof in a new survey that shows most media in our country are liberal. Conservatives can only rely on several outlets.

We witnessed the media bias during the election season, and over 55% of the voters consider that the media was biased against our President-elect. We all saw their game.

People are disappointed with the traditional liberal news outlets, and they turned away from these lousy players. The Pew Research study showed that Fox News is the biggest source of election news for Americans. The good news, people.

According to this study, 40% of pro-Trump Americans enjoyed Fox News information, and trusted their source. When it comes to all voters in general, Fox got 19%, and CNN took the second position with 13%. We expected something like this to happen. It was more than clear.

TVNewser released a summary about this report:

  • ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NPR and CBS were virtually tied as a main source of election news.
  • Digital news publishers did not play an outsize role. Breitbart was named by 1 percent of voters, BuzzFeed wasn’t named by any voters in the Pew study.
  • Voters say they regularly got election headlines from Google News (18 percent), The Huffington Post (17 percent), and  Yahoo News (12 percent).

Fox News gave Trump and his supporters an opportunity to speak on air. That wasn’t the case with other networks that twisted their stories. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC are the bad guys apparently. Fox News is considered as a stable source of information for citizens who support Trump and can’t stand the anti-Trump bias that spoiled everything.

Did you rely on Fox News during the elections?


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