Liberal Protesters From Project Veritas Planning Attacks For Trump Inaugural Events

Liberal Protesters

Liberal Protesters

Some one from the James O’Keefe’s conservative group Project Veritas has released a video taken from a hidden camera proving that the anti-Trump organization had an acid attack planned for one of the incoming president’s inaugural events.

Project Veritas has now released a second video showing that this is not the only assault they are planning for the ceremony.

According to Right Wing News, another hidden camera footage was just released revealing that liberal demonstrators intend to disrupt transit in order to shut down Washington D.C. while the inauguration is underway. Here are some of the most worrying pieces of dialogue in the video includes:

‘So the simultaneous to the checkpoint blockades in the morning, we are also doing a series of clusterf*ck blockades, where we are going to try to blockade all the major ingress points in the city.

Which include, they can include shutting down major bridges and highway access points as well as shutting down metro rail. So to do that we are going to try to break into several teams kind of like checkpoints.

So, we figured out this, the trains pull up…one person is going to lock one end of a chain to an edge, and on the other end of the chain the end of the car, so on and so forth. Done.’

This comes one day after Conservative Tribune reported that undercover reporters proved that members of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition have planned an acid attack on those present at one of Trump’s scheduled inauguration balls. The ball is supposed to be hosted at the National Press Club Building in Washington D.C.

Allegedly, the liberal protesters plan to use a small amount of butyric acid into the building’s ventilation system that will most likely result in the evacuation of the premises. Also, they have a plan B that includes triggering all of the fire sprinklers in the building at the same time, drenching the guests of the ball in water. This attempt could be potentially deadly if we take into account that the guests, some of which are elderly, will have to leave the building soaking wet in the freezing weather.
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