Bill O’Reilly Lectures All Those Who Call Trump An Illegitimate President!

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller

Watch Fox News host Bill O’Reilly as he destroyed radical liberals in glorious fashion!


From BPR:

Pointing to the vast number of Democratic lawmakers refusing to attend President-elect Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly suggested there is a concerted effort afoot by the left to “de-legitimize” Trump.

A movement that O’Reilly says “borders on sedition.”

In the weekly “Miller Time” segment, the “O’Reilly Factor” host asked comedian Dennis Miller for his thoughts.

“Do you believe that this whole movement to delegitimize Donald Trump is anti-American?” O’Reilly asked. “Would you say it’s that bad?”

“I’d say it’s a bowel movement,” Miller replied, asking whether he can say that on air.

“You said it… and we’ll keep it in,” O’Reilly assured him. “But it’s a serious question.”

“These people want to delegitimize the whole election, the whole presidency, and I think it borders on sedition,” he added.

“It’s dangerous,” Miller said, as he suddenly got deadly serious. “I’m on here to do a comedy show. But, really, you sense it as much as I do, I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve heard other people say they’ve never seen anything like this.”


Gotta love it!

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