Jason Chaffetz Says To Every Trump Hater: “We need a fair person behind the plate”

Jason Chaffetz

Jason Chaffetz

Trump is lucky to have people like Jason Chaffetz who stand 100% behind who said this the other day about Walter Shaub, the director of the federal Office of Government Ethics.

“He seems to be acting prematurely at best, without doing investigations or thorough looks,” Chaffetz said in an interview. “He’s rendering opinions publicly that really cause you to scratch your head. We need the Office of Government Ethics to act ethically. Ironically, that’s not what they’re doing.”

Jason said that Shaub has refused to have a meeting to talk about issues connected to OGE’s public comments, including the Republican-led panel’s to pass language to reauthorize the office.

“We need a fair person behind the plate that’s going to call balls and strikes,” added Chaffetz . “What they’re supposed to do is help work with somebody to comply with the ethics requirements. But when you talk publicly about private conversations, that’s not ethical. And when you refuse to come in and talk to the committee when you’re doing reauthorization, when you start tweeting and issuing press statements on things you never looked at, that shouldn’t be the case at all.”

Well, it seems that again, instead of coming and having a constructive conversation, this “ethics” official decided to trash the president-elect. It smells like liberal mischief aiming to tarnish and disapprove Trump’s tenure.
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