Laura Ingraham Is Gunning For Sen. Tim Kaine’s Seat In The Senate!

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is planning to run against Hillary Clinton’s former VP candidate Tim Kaine in the state of Virginia While Laura wouldn’t talk about her plans, her business partner, Peter Anthony, did by saying the preparations by buying website domains for Ingraham to use, if she eventually decides to go down this road. The website domains include:,, and

Laura is already a famous and beloved TV personality, but she will be facing some pretty tough challengers including Rep. Barbara Comstock, Rep. Dave Brat, and former Republican presidential nominee Carly Fiorina, all of whom are considering running for a position in the Senate.

Laura will enter the race having a strong media support behind her. Along with her famous show, she also heads the news site Additionally, she is close to president-elect Trump and was even reported that she was going to run for White House press secretary.

The Fox News columnist is also a NY Times bestselling writer who has acquired a reputation of delivering zingers, and even one of her books is called Of Three I Zing.

Laura Ingraham is a very smart, articulate, morally upright, and intelligent woman, who would be a wonderful addition to the GOP controlled Senate, a true Conservative. She would be a big asset in Making America Great Again! Go Woman!

Ingraham is an astute, morally correct, and extremely intelligent and dedicated person who will only add more positive traits to the already GOP run Senate. Let’s just hope that she decides to run for a seat in the Senate, we’ll give her all the support we gave to Trump to win it.
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