Cop-Hating Councilman: ‘Throw Rocks At Police’

Councilman Kenneth Stokes

 Councilman Kenneth Stokes

Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes said to journalists that cops from the near-by jurisdictions have placed his kids at risk when they chased suspects suspects at high speeds on local streets.

Jackson actually said, “throwing rocks, bricks, and bottles” at police officers to sent them a message that they “don’t want you here.”

But, Sheriff Jim Johnson of Lee County, condemned Jackson’s comments. In the beginning, he had not believed that the councilman actually said those things, but them he read the comments and was utterly shocked.

“The last thing that you need is individuals that want to harm law enforcement,” said the sheriff. “The last thing you need from a councilman … is to promote hatred and promote violence against law enforcement. Sometimes that’s the only fire that an individual needs for it to get out of control.”

Johnson said that in his 35-year experience he has never seen or heard that police officers are threatened in this manner. Also, the sheriff said that he will hold the councilman responsible if any harm in this fashion is done to himself or his officers.

“I can definitely tell you in Lee County that if any of my officers or myself are subjected to any type of harm in the way that Mr. Stokes said, not only are we going to look for the individual that did it, but I’m going after him as well,” explained Johnson.

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