The Clinton Global Initiative Is Closing Down!

Clinton Global Initiative

Clinton Global Initiative

Yes it’s true, one of the biggest Clinton influences in America is coming to an end. Here’s the official release:

The picture above is a copy of a notice, required under the Worker Adjustment Notification Act(WARN Act), about unresolved discharges. The Clinton Global Initiative will be shutting its doors, which is the reason why 22 of their staffers will be dismissed on 4/5/2017.

Seventy four staffers were sacked before by the end of December, accprding to different WARN filings.

This is a natural turn of events, considering that no government now is eager to donate to someone who has lost all of its credibility and will not be president. Many questions have been asked about whether the Clinton Foundation was in reality in compliance with charity regulations in New York City.

Also, there were investigations about certain conflicts of interest and pay-for-play allegations have enveloped the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation. However, it is interesting that even after Hillary’s defeat, the Clinton family are ending this organ of influence.

Even though the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server has ended, those with the Clinton foundation are just getting started.

If Hillary and her corrupt organization thought they will be off the hook with her losing the election, she thought wrong. She might want to join all those liberal celebrities who plan to leave this country lest she ends up in jail.
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