Trump Gets ‘WALL OF PROTECTION’ On Inauguration Day!



Trump gets a added security boost at his inauguration from the Bikers for Trump group! Chris Cox on Fox News  analyzed the biker’s agenda for January 20.

Cox says that the bikers don’t have a problem dealing with all of the protesters at the inauguration and will even build a ‘wall of meat’ in order to protect Trump if necessary.

The general idea behind the “wall of protection” is often seen at funerals instead of an inauguration. This entails the bikers’ positioning in several lines and rows in order to prevent the protesters from intruding.

Chris Cox also stated that he doesn’t believe that this will be necessary. As he said, “we’re confident that law enforcement has learned their lesson… we are anticipating a celebration here.”

Cox’s team will be composed of veterans and patriots of all stripes.

January 20 is just around the corner and we cannot wait for Trump to make America great and proud again!

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