Michelle Malkin Lets Lose On Every LIE Michelle Obama Ever Told

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Obama has been a sell righteous pain in the ass for the past 8 years, yet the First Lady has rarely been challenged by anyone in the media.

Michelle Malkin seems to ne the only one with enough courage to stand up to Michelle as we can see in this clip. Malkin slams Michelle Obama for her views and opinions and about her statement that she has not been proud of America till she entered the White House.

Below is a segment of Michelle Malkin speaking about Steven Crowder’s radio show, where she lists the detailed lies the Obama family has said to their country. Take a look.

Michelle Malkin hits the target calling out Michelle Obama for being ignorant and using her influence to force a strategy that has only made matters worse in this country on so many levels. With her husband being one of the weakest and most incompetent commanders-in-chief to run this country, we can easily say that Michelle Obama has probably been the worst First Lady in recent history.

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