Congressman Peter King Wants Increased Surveillance of Mosques!

Congressman Peter King

Congressman Peter King

Congressman Peter King wants increased mosque surveillance saying, ‘You can cry all you want’ but said that Muslims need to be under stricter surveillance since “that’s where the threat is coming from.”

King believes that mosques must undergo stricter surveillance for any potential terror threats dismissing all the concerns raised by civil libertarians on Fox News on Sunday saying,  “They can cry all they want.”

King went on to say that he believes in the inherent goodness of most Muslims saying that he has a close friend and fellow congressman who is also Muslim saying, “This is nothing against Muslims, but the fact is, that is where the threat is coming from.”

The Congressman criticized “blind political correctness” and stated that there are ample situations where people in mosques blatantly have radical jihadist discussions, yet none of these talks are ever reported to the local authorities due to the low surveillance and concerns for any potential harmful outcome may appear.

Check out the segments in the video below.


President-elect Donald Trump also said that he is for increased surveillance in places where Muslims usually gather and that he was considering to shut down all mosques who have something to do with radical Islamic terror.

While Congressman King’s proposal may sound extreme, he does this this out of spite for Muslims, but rather to provide the people of every American community with a safer environment to live in.
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